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Monday, November 24, 2014
Vol. 3, No. 236
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Monday is here and with it comes what for many in the United States is a very short week. While we are mindful that not everyone will be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, it will also be a short week for us here at PinHawk. I will be with you today, Wednesday, and Friday. Nina will be editing Tuesday's Digest and there will be no digest on Thursday as we take a day to give thanks with our families and friends. Whether you will be celebrating the holiday, let it not be lost on any of us that there is a lot for which we librarians can be thankful. We are part of an old, venerable, and yet ever-evolving profession that continues to deliver value and excitement to all whom it touches. From the public libraries to the halls of academia to the corridors of corporate and private concerns, the future continues to unfold for us. Sure there will be bumps along the way to tomorrow. But, if nothing else, they only serve to make the journey more interesting. And speaking of interesting, we have a great set of highlights today to carry you into the week. Enjoy!

CIOs Struggle for Recognition

Many of you may remember the line that made comedian Rodney Dangerfield so famous. His signature lament, "I can't get no respect!", continues to resonate with throngs of fans. According to ZDNet, however, it is not just Rodney who has been struggling for his propers. Chief information officers seem to be suffering from a bit of the old Dangerfield dilemma themselves. Michael Krigsman writes that they "have made great strides to become more strategic and valuable to the organizations they serve. At the same time, research from numerous sources demonstrates the large gap that remains between IT performance and business expectations." Do you agree? Read more at CIOs make progress, but still get no respect and show a little love to our friends at the top.

E-mail and Confidentiality

Lawyerist digs up and old but goody for us today. Concerns over the security of digital applications and communication have again been in the news as of late (Thanks to Uber!). They remind us of just how reliant we have become on technology and that the ante has been upped on protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Originally published three years ago, Attorney-Client Confidentiality and Email is just as relevant today as ever. In it, Allison Shields walks us through the ABA's take on the use of e-mail. It is a read well worth repeating!

KM: The Older the Better?

Knowledge management is like a fine wine - it gets better and more valuable with age. Who knew? Nick Milton, that's who! Of course, there are no guarantees. But Nick makes a strong case for the possibilities of what can be when KM is done right and given time to mature and take hold. How much time? He writes that "the full value of embedded KM may take a decade or more to deliver." Read his rationale at Why does KM deliver more annual value the longer you do it?

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Thankful to be a librarian and for a short week,

John J. DiGilio, MLIS, JD, Co-editor of Librarian News Digest
National Manager of Research Services, Reed Smith LLP
Founder & Co-editor,
Phone: 312.207.3902
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Twitter: @pinhawkhappens

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