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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Vol. 3, No. 233
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  Westlaw - Key Number 2014

"Space, the final frontier . . . " It was almost 50 years ago that Star Trek made its television debut with those memorable words. Of course, they were talking about a different concept of "space" than most of us in the library world are concerned about today. Our worries today have less to do with space per se and are focused more on the lack thereof. But whether we are talking about the physical restrictions of four solid walls or the endless cosmic expanse, our voyage as information explorers continues. Yes, we are boldly going where no librarians have gone before and it is exciting! Perhaps my Star Trek reference is better illustrated by today's highlights. Each seems to remind us that when things seem to get too small down here, we have the ability and opportunity to reach for the stars. Happy Humpday, my fellow voyagers!

Don't Fence Us In

Times, they are a'changing. The very idea of what constitutes a library is in a state of flux and transition. The disappearance of physical collections and the exploding importance of digital resources continue to color what we do as professionals. But do these things define us? What does it mean to be a librarian today? Stosh Jonjak at iBraryGuy explores the value of space and looks at our emerging roles and opportunities in his post, What To Do With All That Space: Librarians Without Libraries. It's a thought-provoking read in which he asks. "Is this something librarians should get in front of, by promoting what their new responsibilities are in a library-less world? . . . Or, is this a conflation of terms, as the word 'librarian' fades out in favor of Knowledge Management, Competitive Intelligence, or other titles that bisect librarian responsibilities?". Check it out and have your say!

Emerging as a Digital Workplace Leader

We have highlighted some great postings from the Digital Workplace Group before. The emerging opportunities for librarians and information professionals in this growing field simply make it too hot to ignore. Today, DWG's Elizabeth Marsh is back with strategies to help you seize the moment and get your foot firmly in the digital workplace door. It is all about the approach. She says it best when she writes, "After all, no one is going to hand you the digital workplace management role on a plate." Don't miss Elizabeth's sage advice in 7 tactics for making the leap from intranet to digital workplace leadership.

Social Media Savvy

And finally today, there are few better examples of how we can push our professional boundaries than the oopportunities librarians have found in the world of social media. Talk about new frontiers that are fraught with unknown challenges! How are libraries and librarians making use of social media tools? Our friends at House of Butter point us to the results of a new study conducted by the UK's Taylor & Francis Group. It's free to access and an interesting read. How social media savvy are you? Take a look at White Paper: Use of Social Media by the Library: Current Practices and Future Opportunities.

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Your intrepid info adventurer,

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National Manager of Research Services, Reed Smith LLP
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