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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Vol. 3, No. 172
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  Westlaw - Key Number 2014

Technology, as they say, is both a blessing and curse. As much as it can make our professional lives easier, it certainly comes with its fair share of drawbacks and letdowns. Quality control in both the tools we employ and the ways in which we use them is key to our success and theirs. Today's highlights focus on this idea of quality - the quality of the products we offer, the quality of the searches we run, and the quality of the decisions our vendors make. Ebooks, Google, and PACER are all on tap today. So without further ado . . .

  • The proliferation of ebooks continues to shape the face of what we do. Yet as much as things change, they also stay the same. Just as quality concerns weighed heavily on our selection of traditional print materials, they are key to the electronic materials we present to our users. Content's Erik Martin gives some insights on these concerns straight from the horses' mouths. Check out Publishers Polled Worry About Ebook Quality.
  • Whether Google is your go-to for search, your occasional guilty pleasure, or even your last resort in meeting patron needs, the bottom line is that running a solid search is key to getting high quality results. In Getting the Most from your Google Search, RIPS Law Librarian Blog offers some great tips for taking your Google skills to the next level. How well do you search?
  • And finally, we look at a case of questionable decisions affecting the quality of one of our industry's most popular resources. The fallout from recent changes to PACER continues to pile up. Thus far, none of it appears to be good. AALL"s CRIV Blog get involved at Selected Content No Longer Available on PACER and ALM's dives into the outcry at PACER Changes Draw Ire of Attorneys, Journalists. It is going to be really interesting to see exactly where this dustup goes!

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  1. Publishers Polled Worry About Ebook Quality, Econtent Magazine Blog, August 27, 2014
  2. Getting the Most from your Google Search, RIPS Law Librarian Blog, August 26, 2014
  3. Selected Content No Longer Available on PACER, Criv Blog, August 26, 2014
  4. PACER Changes Draw Ire of Attorneys, Journalists, Newswire, August 26, 2014

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  1. Pearson partners with American Health Information Management Association, Outsell: Information Industry Headlines, August 26, 2014
  2. Amazon Acquires Twitch for $970 Million, Social Times, August 26, 2014
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