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PinHawk Launches COVID-19 Daily Alert Newsletter

PinHawk’s free newsletter provides readers with a single source daily alert covering the latest updates on medical, business and legal news relating to the Coronavirus.

White Plains, NY (March 30, 2020) - PinHawk LLC, a leading publisher in the legal and professional services marketplace, has announced the launch of a free daily newsletter that provides comprehensive coverage of the medical, business and legal news relating to the global pandemic of the Corona virus. The newsletter provides a single information source that aggregates the top stories both nationally and internationally so readers can stay on top of the latest developments, as governments, doctors and markets worldwide respond to the pandemic.

The newsletter will be edited by Dr. Robert Morris, an epidemiologist and award-winning author who has taught epidemiology at Tufts and Harvard and has advised the CDC, the EPA, NIH, and the President’s Cancer Panel. The newsletter includes Dr. Morris’s curated selection of the major developments culled from traditional news sources, government and medical alerts, blogs, and selected other trusted information sources. It will also include Dr. Morris’s insightful worldwide commentary, including on the conditions in Seattle, where he is based, which has been one of the domestic epicenters of the unfolding pandemic.

“We have never faced a medical crisis quite like this,” Dr. Morris explains, “with critical developments unfolding around world and around the clock. Ignorance only helps spread a pandemic. While the world waits for a vaccine or medical breakthrough, there is nothing more important for the public than being prudent and staying fully and accurately informed.”

PinHawk's Joe Bookman says, "We are thrilled to be working with Dr. Morris to produce this daily alert that provides our subscribers with comprehensive coverage on the Coronavirus. Aggregated content plays a vital role at a time like this in helping people stay ahead of the curve. Thanks to Dr. Morris’s medical and public health expertise, we can provide our subscribers with a balanced and scientifically grounded understanding of the most critical issue we face today.”

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