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Use Branded Newsletters to:

Keep clients, prospects, and other business associates Informed

Announce important events, awards, etc.

Track your industry through press, blogs, and other electronic sources

Promote Your Brand

Your Branded Newsletter from PinHawk

Create a private label newsletter tailored to your needs and addressed to your target audience.

A great way to keep your positive image with important decision makers is a PinHawk branded custom newsletter sent daily to your clients, prospects, and others who are important to your business. By using PinHawk services, professionals in your industry will associate your organization with high quality information. At the same time, each reader receives news about your organization's press releases, big sales, and important meetings.

Corporations and trade associations rely on PinHawk to inform their clients, business partners, employees, and association members. Subscribers have access to important industry news that they may not have seen without our newsletter. Here are a few organizations that benefit from PinHawk's custom newsletter services:

Branded Newsletters for Software Companies Branded Newsletters for National Associations Branded Newsletters for Recruitment Agencies Branded Newsletters for Professional Publications

Our branded newsletter clients include a wide variety of companies, trade associations, publishers and other organizations. Every day PinHawk sends thousands of opt-in emails on behalf of our clients.

Some PinHawk newsletters generate revenue for our clients while they help their business partners and other related organizations to promote their services.

Developing your custom newsletter is easy. It takes little time and PinHawk is with you every step of the way.

Clients use PinHawk branded electronic newsletters to:

Increase brand awareness with important industry news;

Keep members informed about professional association events and industry news;

Promote corporate products, services, and events to clients and prospects.

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