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PinHawk LLC Launches Librarian News Digest

PinHawk's complimentary daily email delivers information related to all aspects of a modern library.

New York, NY (July 18, 2011) – PinHawk LLC, the leading publisher of aggregated daily emails for professionals, introduces the “Librarian News Digest” electronic newsletter.

The new PinHawk newsletter combines news from traditional sources, librarian blogs, law technology blogs, and library as well as legal vendors. For the first time, news targeted to the needs of the law librarian community is available in one daily email. This email is distributed at no charge to all qualified library and knowledge management professionals.

The legal library community needs to be up-to-date on research, resources, technology, knowledge management, records management, conflicts, library marketing, and more. PinHawk daily emails, such as the new Librarian News Digest, put the most important news into one concise format. The newsletter also includes a chronological list of the most prominent upcoming conferences, with links to their respective web sites.

Nina Platt serves as editor of the Librarian News Digest. Nina is a librarian and former information resources director at an AmLaw 100 firm. Her experience as a professional librarian and knowledge manager spans more than twenty-five years. Nina is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Special Libraries Association, and the American Association of Law Libraries.

PinHawk's Joe Bookman says, "Our newest daily email demonstrates to librarians the benefits of PinHawk technology. Our earlier offering, Law Librarian NewzDigest, has been well received and the response to Librarian News Digest has been even better. Companies with library products or services can place banner ads in the emails to get their message in front of their target audience every day. With this newsletter, we promote our services and, at the same time, we keep librarians informed on important topics. Our Law Technology Daily Digest has been an overwhelming success, thanks to PinHawk technology and our skilled editor, Jeff Brandt. This new librarian newsletter follows a similar format and Nina brings extraordinary talent and vision to assuring its success."

"I am pleased to be working with PinHawk on this newsletter. Their NewzDigest Service provides its readers with the news they need now. The Librarian News Digest does that but also provides a concise look at what's important for librarians as they move into the future," stated Nina, "While this focuses on law librarians, most of the content can be used by any librarian or information/knowledge manager."

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